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I re-watched Sense and Sensibility again last night with the new DVD. Gosh. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think of all his film roles Colonel Brandon suits Alan Rickman the best. Not just in appearance but also in manner. Rickman's acting really shines here although he is not the leading star here. It broke my heart to see his expression whenever Marianne rejects him openly or brushes him off and did you guys notice that little smile that lit his whole face when Marianne finally thanked him for saving her???!!! I was going to faint! Haha...

Oh yah, I was surfing around at another community and someone asked why Alan Rickman was considered to be a sex appeal to so many people, and his argument that if he was considered to be "The Thinking Woman's Sex Symbol", then it couldn't be his physical appearance that appeals to us. I told him/her that Alan's probably one of the few actors who needn't have classic good looks nor a hunky physique to lure women into his chambers (haha), and it's also precisely that which sets him apart. Don't you agree?

And of course, a little

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