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lusty_uk's Journal

We Lust After British, etc. Actors!
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What more needs to be said? If he's British/Irish/Scotch, if he is (or was) on the screen/stage, if you absolutely, positively want to pounce on him....

This is the place for you. Join, and help make the sentiment grow to disgusting proportions.

Obligatory Rules:

1) Any images (fabulous as they may be) larger than a user icon (or more than two user icon sized ones) should be put behind an LJ-cut.

2) Sexually-tinged narrative- you know, a shocking breed of fan-fiction- is allowed, but might be cut if it's long or too vulgar. Exercise good judgement. Exercise perfect judgment if you are under eighteen. (Read: Don't do it!)

If you don't know how to do a cut, please go to the live journal FAQ and learn!

3) Have fun. This is a place where we can be open about our lust. So have a heart before you say something like: "I think so and so is particularly vile". Bashing will not be tolerated. Boffing, on the other hand..

(many thanks to vasilissa for making this a far more stylish and correct in it's grammar.)